Christmas on Comstock!


Aerial view from 400′ up!

This year we were asked to do some aerial photography and footage to record the Christmas on Comstock event that was written about in the Phoenix New Times online article about the Gilbert street that was selected as the winner for one of the episodes. As you can see the result of 13 homes which programmed hundreds of thousands of lights to turn on and dance to the music of various Christmas songs produced a rather interesting aesthetic from 400′ in the air. Christmas on Comstock Video is the final short snippet that was produced from that flight night.


Streetlight elevation viewpoint

Some of the aerial views were selected for the article and a stop motion video piece by one of the New Times writers, from the perspective of one of the cars driving by was used as the video snippet. Here is the published online article: GILBERT’S COMSTOCK NEIGHBORHOOD WINS THE GREAT CHRISTMAS LIGHT FIGHT


Lines qeued around the street and down Elliot road. 

An average of about 400 cars/hour were being circulated through Comstock Street through the holidays to see the lights, creating a bit of queuing nightmare for the Town of Gilbert police at the intersection of Higley and Elliot roads. They solved this by creating a dedicated right turn lane and allowing through traffic to continue eastbound on the no. 2 lane.


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