AECOM urbanSOS: Redevloping Phoenix Post War City >> Post Light Rail City

Phoenix, the Desert Megapolis.

Over 3 Million people and counting, this city was once the fastest growing metropolis in the United States of America. That was before the housing bubble burst and with it the dream of the American Stereotype. This city has long overreached (overextended) its boundaries of sustainability and proceeded to expand its expensive network of non-permeable asphalt and car-oriented development to the lengths of 30-mile suburb commutes.. With the increase in energy costs how can the city reshape the American Dream to suit the constraints and opportunities of the 21st century? What is a city to do now that the dream is gone? Urban Redevelopment.

With the trend of more people moving from suburban areas to urban areas all over United States, Phoenix is behind the curve when is comes to dense, affordable living. This city is also lacking a cohesive transportation network that uses smaller blocks and driving lanes to encourage the use of alternative transportation. These small steps along with providing a comfortable micro-climate while outdoors are  imperative to creating an attractive urban living environment that will ensure the city becomes more energy efficient from a systematic perspective.


This was ASU’s competition entry for the 2010 AECOM UrbanSOS Design Competition. Phoenix was one of 7 cities around the world selected to represent a location going under major urban transformation. The area of focus for our entry was a part of the Discover Triangle Studio v1.0. Our team from ASU placed within the top 29 from hundreds around the world. Collaborators: James Atchison, Daniel Cifuentes, Samantha Sears, Joe Strayer.


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