ASU Discovery Triangle v1.0 >> Eldorado Place

Soccer + Multi-Use Stadium

The Discovery Triangle Studio v1.0 was lead by Kirby Hoyt PLA, LEED AP, AICP in conjunction with Kevin Kellogg, AIA . The stadium and pedestrian bridge serve to access an untapped MLS market within the valley. The multi-use stadium will serve as a venue for not only Gateway Community College across the street, but the needs of the Maricopa Community College District events, concerts, and other uses. The shaded concourse and bridge serve to accommodate large crowds and can breakout into informal park n’ swap exchanges. Each studio member needed to pick a subject to focus on, mine was Imageability, and the stadium/bridge portion was my addition to the overall master plan.


Kevin Lynch, the famed Urban Planner, took the areas that people found found vivid and assigned these areas a high imageability ranking. Imageability, a term introduced by Lynch, is the quality of a physical object, which gives an observer a strong, vivid image. He concluded that a highly imageable city would contain very distinct parts, and would be instantly recognizable to the common inhabitant. He also explains that a well-formed city is highly reliant upon the most predominant city element, paths. Examples of well-designed paths may include special lighting and having clarity of direction. Similarly, edges, districts, nodes, and landmarks are favorable contributors to imageability if they are meaningful, distinct, and not confusing. These elements, when placed in good form, increase human ability to see and remember patterns, and it is these patterns that make it easier to learn one’s city.

Imageability within the Discovery Triangle: 

It is crucial that the Discovery Triangle project have a distinct image and identity setting it apart from previous mainstream development projects. My attempt within the area of imageability, for the Discovery Triangle was to provide an alternative development that should exemplify the characteristics of sustainability, walkability, human comfort, and economic vitality for the individuals and businesses within. The inhabitants and users of the space should get a sense of a higher quality of living, and increased density within the “Discovery Triangle Redevelopment Corporation Zone.” There should be a distinct pattern within the Discovery Triangle which differentiates it from outlying areas, whether it be through street treatment, placemaking, density, or architectural character.

ASU Discover Triangle v1.0 – Eldorado Place from Daniel Cifuentes on Vimeo.


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